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10 Famous Actors Hidden in Popular Video Games…

Guess who voiced cool roles in GTA, Lord of the Rings..and Spyro?
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These day, a hit video game can make more money than a Hollywood blockbuster—Grand Theft Auto V made $1 billion in just three days. That’s about how much Avengers: Age of Ultron made in total. So it’s no wonder that A-list actors have been lending their voices to the virtual gaming world. Voice acting for a video game doesn’t get quite as much red carpet glamor as starring in a movie, though, so you might not even know that these actors were behind the iconic characters in your favorite games.

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Star Wars,
Mark Hamill,
Christopher Walken,
True Detective,
Elijah Wood,
Grand Theft Auto V,
Lord of the Rings,
Gary Oldman,
Seth Green,
Samuel L. Jackson,
Liam Neeson,
Fallout 3,
George Takei,
Patrick Stewart

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