We’re excited to release the 2020 Annual Webby Trend Report, Under the Influence

This year’s trend report examines how controversy online has become a fundamental part of the zeitgeist in 2019. We look at how online platforms and algorithms exploit our desire to engage with controversy—by creating a constant feedback loop of provocative content, we are bearing witness to far more fighting on the Internet, with far greater consequences that are impacting our relationships and society at large. 

The report also looks at several Webby-winning projects that are leveraging the reasons consumers cite as why they sign into social media; hint, it isn’t fighting. Rather than fueling conflict, these brands are building communities, providing entertainment, and building great digital experiences that capture consumers’ attention without leaning into controversy. 

The 2020 Annual Trend Report is the culmination of months of research, featuring case studies, a consumer survey conducted by YouGov, and trends to watch this year.

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