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6 Rising Name Trends to Watch for This Year…

What baby name trends will be setting the style for the year ahead? To predict future directions, I look for names with popularity acceleration. Individual names on an accelerating rise are not only trendy on their own, but can point to whole styles on the way up.

I screened the statistics for names that have risen in popularity at a growing rate for for the past three years in a row. Then I looked for common themes. The six styles below leapt out again and again. The specific names listed all have individual momentum, and you can expect to see more of other names in these trending styles as well.

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Names from Other Worlds. With names from imagined realities of movies, tv and books, parents are turning fantasy into reality.

BOYS: Anakin, Atreyu, Caspian, Castiel, Finnick, Kaladin, Lando, Oberon, Riddick

GIRLS: Arya, Astraea, BriarRose, Lyra, Storm, Vesper

Surnames ending in S. Once the stuffiest style for boys, these names are now gruffly charming.

Ames, Banks, Briggs, Brooks, Fields, Hawkins, Hayes, Riggins, Stiles, Welles, Wells

Creative Word Names in Traditional Categories. Nature names, virtues and terms of inspiration get an update.

BOYS: Bodhi, Brave, Canyon, Cedar, Cypress, Knowledge, Legacy, Legend, Linden, Majesty, Victory

GIRLS: Amethyst, Aspen, Blessing, Copper, Harbor, Harvest, Infinity, Legacy, Lilac, Loyalty, Majesty, Maple, Marigold, Meadow, Onyx, Primrose, Silver

Fun & Funky Old Names.
They’re little, retro and full of energy.

BOYS: Arlo, Cleo, Enzo, Hugo, Jethro, Leo, Milo, Otto, Renzo, Theo

GIRLS: Cleo, Jo, Margo

Names from Classical Mythology.
It’s not just Diana and Jason any more.

BOYS: Apollo, Ares, Hades, Hercules, Jupiter, Orion, Achilles, Atlas, Zeus

GIRLS: Andromeda, Ariadne, Astraea, Athena, Aurora, Calliope, Gaia, Artemis

More Liquid and Raindrop Names.
Lots more. These hot sounds for girls are still growing, as this list makes abundantly clear. Take a deep breath…

Aaira, Aamiyah, Aanaya, Aaria, Aariah, Aarya, Aeliana, Aella, Ahlani, Ahmina, Aila, Ailani, Ailany, Aily, Aiyla, Alaia, Alaiah, Alani, Alaya, Alaylah, Aleina, Aliyanna, Alonni, Alora, Aluna, Alylah, Amaia, Amaira, Amalia, Amara, Amarah, Amari, Amarii, Amarri, Amayah, Ameera, Ameila, Amelia, Amiah, Amileah, Amilia, Amiliah, Amina, Amira, Amiyah, Amori, Amyrah, Anah, Analeah, Analeyah, Anaya, Anayla, Anaelle, Annaliah, Annalina, Annamae, Annora, Anora, Anyeli, Ari, Aria, Ariah, Arina, Ariya, Armani, Arya, Aryia, Aulani, Aurela, Aurel, Auriella, Aurielle, Aurora, Aya, Ayaana, Ayla, Ayra, Ayumi, Eila, Eimy, Eira, Elani, Elania, Eleanora, Elena, Elonora, Eliana, Elianna, Eliyanah, Ellanora, Ellia, Ellianna Ellie, Ellieanna, Elliemay, Elloree, Elora, Emilia, Emerie, Emery, Emilia, Emmarie, Enna, Era, Eulalia, Illa, Ilyana, Irina, Laelah, Lailani, Lara, Laya, Leia, Leilani, Leilanny, Leni, Leona, Leora, Leyanna, Liah, Liana, Linna, Liyana, Lorelei, Lori, Lyanna, Luella, Luna, Lyra, Malani, Maiara, Malani, Malya, Malyah, Mariana, Marianna, Mayeli, Mayla, Mila, Milani, Milena, Miliyah, Mira, Mirai, Moriah, Myra, Murah, Naina, Naira, Nala, Naomi, Nia, Nilani, Noa, Noella, Noni, Nora, Nori, Nuri, Nyanna, Nura, Ora, Oriana, Raeya, Ramona, Rayla, Ralei, Rea, Reia, Remi, Remy, Reya, Reyna, Rhea, Riyah, Romi, Romy, Rona, Rory, Runa, Yalena, Yareni


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