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8 Home Office Essentials That’ll Supercharge Your Productivity…

With a laptop and a good Internet connection, you can work from almost anywhere. The world can be your office.

But, if you want to get the most out of working from home, a well-constructed workspace is essential.

In this simple and clear guide, we’re going to walk you through a few must-have home office essentials that promote productivity, creativity, and personal well-being.

And we’ll start with one most people don’t talk about…

1. The Best Environment for Your Personality

Home Office Essentials That’ll Supercharge Your Productivity

Matching your workspace to your personality can have a huge impact.

Here’s why:

Introverts Need a Sanctuary Space, Extroverts Need a Stimulating Environment

Introverts need a place to disconnect and recharge. To get into your flow, it should be a private, quiet room away from the hubbub of household activities.

If you don’t have a room of your own, create privacy by using a folding screen, hanging panel, a tall bookcase, or even a large plant. You can also meet your need for a separate space by fitting a closet with a work surface and shelving.

The second thing you need if you’re an introvert is a room where you won’t get distracted by a lot of visual stimuli. You’ll function much better in a restrained, carefully curated, and more minimal space.

For you, less is best.

The opposite is true for extroverts.

While introverts are bothered by noise and action, extroverts thrive on them. In fact, if you’re an extrovert, you’ll be much happier and more motivated with activity in the background.

This means that, if need be, you can integrate your workspace into an open, high-traffic area (just make sure you can have long, uninterrupted work periods to get “into the zone.”)

Extroverts perform best in a rich, sensory environment with a lot of texture, objects, scents, and sounds. For you, the best home office will be a lively and colorful space.

2. Clear Space for Clear Thinking

home office essentials - declutter
Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

Maybe you don’t mind a room filled with papers, boxes, and piles of clothes.

But your subconscious does — Princeton University researchers found that it goes into major overdrive when you’re surrounded by clutter.

The result: You get depressed, slow yourself down, and get stressed.

As a remote worker, you know many things are out of your control. But what you do have control over is your workspace.

So, declutter your home office:

  • Relocate everything that should be in other rooms;
  • Get rid of anything you don’t really like or need;
  • Keep a recycling bin next to your desk so it’s easy to toss papers;
  • Decide what office supplies you need to have on hand, then hide the rest.

To the latter, here are a few tips:

  • Store office products like staplers, notepads, file folders, and business cards in small, clear boxes and stack them out of sight.
  • Office equipment like a paper shredder, laser printer, fax machine, and file cabinet can go into a closet since they’re not used daily.
  • Put your walls to work with a whiteboard. Use it to hang papers that need immediate attention, sticky notes with article ideas, and inspirational clippings.

Finally, when organizing supplies on shelving and bookcases, keep in mind that:

  • Introverts prefer storage to be outside their field of vision;
  • Extroverts like to display containers in vivid colors to make their space feel more lively.
Editor’s Note: For more organization tips for the home office, check out this video from one of my and my wife’s favorite channels, Clean My Space: