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A Good Flashlight Can Save Your Life

565x565x1When it’s a matter of survival, a reliable LED flashlight isn’t just a nice thing to have – it’s an essential tool. It provides light, signaling and communication functionality and – in a pinch – it can be used for self-defense. After all, you can carry one just about anywhere with you and no one will think twice about it. Any survivalist worth his salt has an assortment of decent flashlights – including at least one high-quality handheld LED torch like My Lite Beam Handheld Pocket Flashlight – stashed around the house and in the car. If the world is suddenly cast into darkness, you should always be able to put your hands on a good flashlight quickly and easily.

Why an LED Flashlight Is the Right Choice

With all the cheap incandescent flashlights on the market, why would you pay a few dollars more for an LED torch like the little Pocket Lite Beam? There are two simple factors that make an LED flashlight the right choice for nearly any situation.

  • LED bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs. That means you’ll use less battery power, so your batteries last longer. That’s vital if you need to rely on your batteries to be good and your light to turn on when you need it.
  • LED bulbs last longer and are sturdier than incandescent bulbs. It doesn’t take much to shake the filaments of an incandescent light loose – drop your flashlight and it’s useless. LED bulbs stand up to abuse that incandescent bulbs can’t take.

What to Look For in a Good Flashlight

A good emergency flashlight should put out at least 50 lumens of light. Look for a flashlight that offers several different modes. The Pocket Lite Beam allows you to adjust the width of the beam, from a narrow point that can penetrate up to 600 feet to a wide-angle beam that can illuminate a room-size area bright enough to read by.

Don’t bother with plastic flashlights that can break when you need them most. Lightweight anodized metal makes all the difference these days. Aircraft grade, lightweight anodized steel resists dents, even when it’s dropped on a hard surface.

4 Ways A Flashlight Can Save Your Life

Put the Light on Trouble

Grab My Pocket Lite Beam when you head out for a walk at night – or to take out the trash. Its powerful beam can pick out dangers in the shadows and keep them at bay.

Defend Yourself With It

In an emergency situation, use My Pocket Lite Beam as a weapon. Turn it the wrong way around in your hand and use the handle to jab or swing at attackers.

Call Help

My Pocket Lite Beam has a flash/strobe function that can serve as an emergency beacon. Carry one with you to signal for help if you’re stranded on a hike or after a vehicle breakdown.

Ward Off Attackers

Whether your attacker is animal or human, a strong beam of light in the eyes can be enough to scare him off, or at least disorient him enough to allow you to get away.

Surviving an emergency often relies on keeping your wits about you. A handheld flashlight may not seem like much of a tool, but putting light on the situation is vital to helping you make your way in the dark.

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