All Fours, a step by step tutorial for playing this popular game…

All Fours, a game of strategy and luck and the most popular playing cards game in Trinidad and Tobago. It requires 4 players and 2 teams, however it can be played by 2 players. On this episode of Trinbago Vibes, we teach you how to play this fun and entertaining game by a simple step by step approach.

Video Chapters:
0:48 Game Requirements
1:20 First “Jack” deal
1:49 Objective of All Fours
2:05 Hand signs and Cards Ranking in the game
3:52 Shuffling, Cutting and Sharing the cards
5:05 Kicking and TRUMP
6:10 Decisions to Play or Beg
7:05 Dealer options if a player begs
9:20 How to get 9 out of 14 points in Kicking
10:32 Playing a Rounds
14:10 Checking the points at the end of the round
16:40 Hang Jack
17:34 Three important rules for playing

There are 2 Styles of gameplay:
1. Trump and Follow Suit – If you place Trump on a called suit and you win the round, you have to play the same suit, once it’s in your hand.

2. Trump and Anything – If you place Trump on a called suit and win the round, you can play any suit in your hand.

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