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America's Top Baby Names of 2017 Announced…

America has a new #1 boy’s name. Liam joins returning girls’ favorite Emma as the new reigning King and Queen of Baby Names. And Liam might be even more popular than it seems: it is also used as a nickname for William, which ranks #3.

In a milestone, past longtime #1’s Michael and Emily have fallen out of the top 10. Newcomers to the list are mostly multisyllabic antiques: Oliver for boys and Amelia and Evelyn for girls. But there’s one big exception: Logan, after a year where that name was everywhere, notably in the film titles “Logan” and “Logan Lucky.”

The new top 10 baby names in America: 


The biggest name stories, though, are still to come. This is an era of individuality in baby naming, with tons of change outside the top 10. Stay tuned for the fastest risers and fallers, the most surprising and revealing new names, and the full top-1,000 name list (with last year’s ranks for comparison). Follow here and on Twitter:


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