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Frontpoint Revamps its Plans, Packages, Policies…

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Frontpoint Security has been our go-to pick for DIY home security for a while now, and it’s updating its plans and pricing as we head into the holiday season. Most notable among the changes: The $34.99 Professional Monitoring plan is gone, as is the top-tier Safe Home Elite equipment package. Pricing on the remaining packages has been tweaked, and Frontpoint is also ditching the three-year contract option, pivoting completely to month-to-month contract plans for new customers.

The removal of the low-end Professional Monitoring plan means the $44.99 Interactive Plan is now the cheapest option for new customers. That price point does include perks like Crash and Smash protection, geolocation services, and mobile app functionality — though video features through the app are still exclusive to the $49.99 Ultimate Plan.

On the equipment side, the top-end Elite package ($1,332.84) is gone, leaving the Preferred package as the most comprehensive option available. For those looking to emulate the Elite’s equipment list, outdoor security cameras and doorbell cameras can be tacked onto the package as optional extras.

While the equipment lists for the remaining packages haven’t changed, Frontpoint has tweaked the pricing extensively. On average, retail pricing drops by about 30%, though ongoing promotional discounts and occasional sales make a quick savings comparison a bit tricky. For instance, the retail price on Frontpoint’s Starter package dropped from $430.95 down to $319.95. On top of that, the company’s offering a 20% discount to bring that down to $255.96. However, previous promotions brought the sale price down to $69 at times, so your mileage may vary depending on when you sign up. 

When you do sign up, though, you won’t have to worry about getting locked into a long contract. The three-year plan option is no more and all new customers will be on month-to-month contracts, though the Frontpoint warranty still holds at three years. That should be welcome news for renters and other customers who might not stay in one place for several years at a time.

The home security market has become increasingly active in recent years, especially with DIY solutions upping the ante on flexibility and customization options. And companies have been working to better serve growing markets, like renters, and address shortcomings. Indeed, several of Frontpoint’s changes appear to address key issues we’ve highlighted in our reviews. We’ve updated our reviews of the Best Home Security Systems, Best DIY Home Security Systems, Best Home Automation Systems, and our Frontpoint review to ensure our readers have the most up-to-date info possible. And we’ll continue keeping a close eye on Frontpoint and its rivals in this fast-changing, highly competitive industry.

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