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Hardstyle Remixes of POPULAR Songs (Update)…

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What song is currently playing? The text in the video will tell you.
To skip or replay a song use the youtube timeline preview.
My newest uploads also have a tracklist with times in the comments.

Stuff to look out for on my channel:
Hardstyle (year) New Songs: Newly released hardstyle songs from the year that the video was uploaded.

Hardstyle remixes of popular songs: Hardstyle versions of popular non hardstyle songs.
Hardstyle remixes of popular songs playlist:

The bonus: These songs are unrelated to the video title. If the video does have a bonus it will say in the video. The bonus is used to make the whole video longer. The bonus is always at the end of the video.

All my videos in one big playlist (newer the better):

Audio editing/mixing:
This video is an audio edited playlist of hardstyle radio edits played one after the other. This video was never meant to be pro standard mix. I’m always finding ways to improve the editing side of things and the newer the video is the better the editing is.

If you did want to see a hardstyle mix from me then I have these uploads:

And more on the way.

Thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed. Remember to leave a like rating and leave me a comment if you did enjoy the video. Leaving a like rating is the best way of letting me know what type of videos you want me to make.

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Hardstyle Remixes of POPULAR Songs (Update)
Hardstyle Remixes of POPULAR Songs (Update)
Hardstyle Remixes of POPULAR Songs (Update)

Created by:

Youtube user “worldsend26” takes no credit of being the original owner of the material used in the video.

All credit goes to the original copyright owner(s) and respective producer(s). Please support the songs and artists that you liked:

If you are unhappy about me uploading your material message me and I will remove this video.

If this does not affect you then these are not the droids you are looking for.


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