How To DOMINATE Popular Games!…

How to win at common games! This is how to dominate and win at common board games like Chess and Monopoly and how to dominate popular games!

6. Scrabble –

If Nigel Richards can become the Scrabble champion playing in a language he doesn’t know, then there is still hope for the folks who think they don’t stand a chance in this challenging game of points and vocabulary. Although, you probably don’t want to memorize the entirety of the Scrabble dictionary like ol’ Nigel did… we’re trying to have fun not blow a gasket…remembering some small, yet high-scoring words is essential in coming out on top. The word “za,” for example, is minuscule, but packs a punch. Plus, it’s an actual word that means several things including “pizza” and is also a letter of the Arabic alphabet. Another strategy is to keep common suffixes visible on your letter stand; this will make possible plays pop out at you. Don’t forget to block your competitor as well; form words that are nearly impossible to build on. Next, be on the lookout for “retsina.” The spelling of this Greek wine contains the letters to spell eight other words and will give you a bonus since it’s seven letters long. Keep proper names in mind as well, although some won’t work, others double as adequate words.

5. Hangman –

We’ve all played this frustrating, but fun, game sometime in our lives. It seems we guess our hearts out to discover the right word, but we often fail, and the stick figure faces the consequences. The person doing the guesswork has certain advantages as does the person choosing the word. If you’re the one throwing out letters, then there are a couple of ways to solve the puzzle. First, know which are the most common; “A” is more common in shorter words, “E” is more likely to appear in mid-sized words, and “I” is the most frequently used letter in longer words. Some prevalent consonants are “S,” “T,” and “R” respectively. But, if you guess incorrectly eleven times, then you’re out of luck. If you are the person coming up with the word, then don’t fret because there are tricks you can consider as well. You already know that your opponent will be calling out common letters; so, it’s time to trip them up. Although you might think longer is better regarding word length, this isn’t true in the game of Hangman. If you choose four-letter words, you’re more likely to end up with a little man stuck in a noose. One word that easily messes with people’s minds is “jazz.” There are so many options that guessing the letter “Z” might not even come to mind… unless they watch this video.


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