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How to Grow Your Audience With Facebook Video Marketing…

Ever feel guilty spending hours on Facebook watching videos?

You’re not alone. According to one study, users consume as many as 100 million hours of video content each day on Facebook.

This makes Facebook video marketing a great opportunity for your brand to get in front of, engage, and grow an audience. 

But while you may see the benefit, knowing how use it to solidify your brand in the mind of your viewer can seem daunting.

In this article, I’m offering a few kick-ass tips to help you grow your audience and build your brand with Facebook video marketing!

Are you ready for Facebook video? Without a doubt, it’s where your business needs to be. Here’s the best Facebook video marketing tips you need to know.

How to Grow Your Audience With Facebook Video Marketing

Your Facebook video strategy is classified into two categories:

  1. Live stream video
  2. Recorded video 

Facebook Live is perhaps the most effective branding strategy available today. This is because you capture viewers’ attention completely for the time you’re online. 

Also, since this is real-time, viewers get a chance to interact with you and influence the direction of your content. 

This is great for user-engagement.

The strategy you use with recorded videos is slightly different. Both are highly effective and can be used in tandem to drum up engagement and explode your organic reach!

How to Use Live Streaming Video on Facebook

Livestreams are fantastic because they don’t need you to hire expensive video equipment. Facebook’s mobile app makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone to start live streaming.

Here are a few strategies to rev up your live video marketing engine!

1. Host Q&As

Want to build a brand? What better way to do this than by demonstrating your authority on the subject!

Host a monthly Q&A session with your viewers. Users ask questions in the comments and you can answer them in real-time.

It also helps in building a personal relationship with your prospective buyers.

Ben Coomber, popular nutritionist and podcaster from the UK regularly hosts Q&A’s with his followers on Facebook. This helps him establish authority in his subject as well as build a personal relationship with his audience. 

2. Conduct Interviews

This is a slightly modified version of Q&As. Instead of answering questions yourself, you may also look at interviewing other experts in your field.

From a user’s perspective, this is similar to Q&As in that they get to interact with your business directly and thus build a personal relationship. 

But as a business, this is much better because the person you are interviewing may have their own followers. Your livestream could encourage those followers to also visit your Facebook page for the livestream event.

In other words, this attracts more eyeballs to your brand.

Another way to do this is by offering to be interviewed live on other industry Facebook pages. In doing this, you get to demonstrate your credibility in front of an audience who may not know you already.

When Adam Grant published his best-selling book Originals, he organized a Facebook live interview with Amy Cuddy, a best-selling author herself and a professor at Harvard.

This event gave the followers of both these writers with lots of interesting insights from the other. 

3. Organize Events 

Are you attending a trade show? Is there a new product you’re launching? Or do you simply want to engage with your audience? 

Organize live events on all such occasions. Users love to watch non-scripted events. It’s also a great way to build credibility and trustworthiness among your followers.

Martha Stewart frequently organizes live events. She also invites other experts on her show to make it more interesting and informative for her viewers.