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Mobile Blogging Sites: INSTANT video and audio blogging! To get started, visit my Facebook page. when you are there hit like and click on

Mobile Blogging Sites: Blog Beast required a $3.2 million dollar investment and over one year to develop, and it offers a multitude of features not yet seen among the current generation of blog software. The new system allows users to maintain MULTIPLE blogs among MULTIPLE domains from ONE account and ONE login.

One of the highlights of Blog Beast is its Mobile Blogging Apps, which syncs the computer and smartphone blogging systems in new ways. In the past, other blog platforms have released mobile apps that were watered down and not as feature-rich. Blog Beast will truly bring the same experience users enjoy on the Web to their mobiles.

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other popular blog platforms don’t offer some of the key features and benefits users find with Blog Beast.

Blog Beast simplifies the audio/video blogging experience by allowing the user to record video or audio with the aid of a mobile app. With two simple clicks, anyone can post a podcast or video online from a smartphone or computer, making Blog Beast essentially “grandma-proof.”

Sharing is also easier because Blog Beast allows users to reblog posts from other Blog Beast sites, giving the original author credit, while posting the content within their own blogs. A new proprietary commenting feature allows readers to share blogs and their blog comments on social media platforms with links back to the original blog posts.

Users can also withhold premium content with a pay wall, which restricts access to such content and offers a call to action for viewers to upgrade their accounts in order to view it.

The BEST Mobile Blogging Sites EVER! Check it out


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