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Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance Review

Nationwide provides the standard motorcycle coverage options, along with some unique additions, like coverage to protect against inclement weather and vandalism. On top of that, the company offers an optional $30,000 of coverage for custom equipment, as well as an endorsement to ensure that any repairs are made with quality parts at fair market value. All of that, along with an impressive list of discounts, makes Nationwide a solid contender as you begin your search for the best motorcycle insurance.

The Claim

“Nationwide is on your side.” Since 1965, that’s been the credo of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, although the company has been serving customers for much longer. It backs this claim with decades of experience insuring customers’ homes, cars, and, yes, motorcycles. The company has “served generations” by helping protect what is most important, be that a home, family car, or a beloved bike.

Is it true?


There’s no denying just how much experience Nationwide has. With that experience, the company provides solid coverage for homeowners and motorists alike. Nationwide’s motorcycle insurance, in particular, goes beyond injury and property liability protection to provide unique bits of optional coverage.

These optional coverages include insurance for vintage and classic bikes (great news for old school Harley enthusiasts) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) endorsement. OEM coverage is especially important (and somewhat rare), as it ensures that your bike’s repairs are made with quality parts and not whatever’s cheapest for the insurance company. These unique coverage options make it easy to see why Nationwide is, indeed, on the side of motorcyclists.

Product Overview

Best for

Anyone needing coverage on classic or vintage bikes or a quality guarantee for repairs

Not for

Those looking for a reimbursement guarantee in the event of a totaled bike


Price Quotes differ from person to person
In business since 1926
Standout features Coverage for custom parts
Up to 12 bikes on one policy
Vintage motorcycle and scooter policies
Roadside assistance
Vanishing Deductible ($100 per year up to $500)
Online resources
Number of states served 50
A.M. Best financial strength rating A+
A.M. Best issuer credit rating aa-
Moody’s financial strength rating A1
S&P Global financial strength rating A+
Number of discounts 9

Some of the best discounts in the industry

Nationwide’s lengthy list of discounts can help you save quite a bit on your motorcycle insurance policy. You can earn discounts for taking a motorcycle safety course, owning a home, or insuring more than one motorcycle. Nationwide’s Vanishing Deductible program also takes off $100 from your deductible each year you don’t have an accident, up to $500.

Custom and vintage motorcycle insurance

In addition to insuring standard bikes, Nationwide motorcycle insurance covers kit, vintage, and custom bikes — with custom motorcycle coverage for up to $50,000. Because repairing or replacing a custom or vintage bike is almost always significantly more expensive than repairing or replacing a standard motorcycle, this coverage is rare. Nationwide is a great place to start your search if you have a custom or vintage bike.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) endorsement

If you get into an accident on your motorcycle and need to get it repaired, Nationwide motorcycle insurance ensures that original equipment manufacturer parts are used instead of after-market parts. It’s an uncommon endorsement that puts Nationwide a step above the rest.

Good for “high-risk” riders

In our evaluation of the best cheap motorcycle insurance providers, Nationwide gave us the cheapest quote for our riskiest test profile: a 20-year-old riding a Suzuki sportbike. Although quotes are extremely personal, Nationwide is worth a look if you’re one of these “high-risk” bikers looking for a cheap premium.

Possible drawbacks

Can’t lock in an agreed-upon price

Nationwide motorcycle insurance doesn’t offer you the option to lock in an agreed-upon value for your bike. If you get into an accident on your motorcycle and your bike is beyond repair, you may not get paid what you feel is the full price. If this coverage is important to you, you may be better off with a company like Progressive.

Representative must contact you with your quote

Although Nationwide does have an online quote tool for its motorcycle insurance, you must wait for a Nationwide representative to contact you with your quote. This could be an issue if you are just shopping around and hoping to get a quick quote — the instant quote tools of other companies make it more convenient to compare options.

The Competition

State Farm
Our review
Our review
Our review
Advertised discounts
A.M. Best financial strength rating
24/7 support
Online resources
Vintage/classic bike coverage

Nationwide vs. Allstate

Nationwide and Allstate are fairly comparable in terms of coverage and discounts, although there are a few key differences to take into consideration. Allstate lacks Nationwide’s OEM coverage, plus coverage for classic or vintage bikes, but it does offer a lease/loan gap coverage — which pays the difference between what your motorcycle is worth and what you still owe on your loan or lease. Because of this, Nationwide is a better bet if you own a specialized bike, but Allstate could offer you a better deal for standard bikes. We recommend getting a quote from both; thankfully, Allstate makes this easy with an instant online quote tool.

Nationwide vs. Progressive

For coverage options alone, Progressive can’t be beaten — unique options like OEM are automatically included in your policy, and there are lots of extras to choose from (including coverage for personal belongings and roadside assistance). Progressive also has a few more discounts than Nationwide, including ways to save when you consistently pay on time and install anti-lock brakes. That said, in our review of the best cheap motorcycle insurance providers, we found that Nationwide has more affordable coverage upgrades than Progressive; we were only charged a few more dollars for Nationwide’s highest liability, UM/UIM, and MedPay limits, while Progressive bumped up our premium by as much as $500 for its top-tier plan. We recommend comparing quotes from both companies before making your decision.

Nationwide vs. State Farm

Out of the four companies we compared, State Farm is unmatched in terms of online resources. Its Simple Insights® blog provides tons of articles to help you better understand insurance, plan for big life events, and more. What’s more, it includes an entire page dedicated to motorcycle insurance articles. In contrast, Nationwide only features a few motorcycle-specific resources, and it lacks any dedicated landing page for them. That said, Nationwide has State Farm beat in discounts; State Farm doesn’t advertise any discounts for motorcycle insurance, and when we spoke to a rep on the phone, there were none available in our area. We still recommend getting your own quote, but Nationwide is a better starting place in terms of potential savings.

Nationwide Motorcycle Insurance FAQ

Does Nationwide motorcycle insurance cover more than injuries and collisions?

Yes. Comprehensive coverage — also known as “other than collision” — helps pay for damage to your bike incurred by inclement weather and falling objects. It can also help cover the cost associated with repairs for vandalism and even theft.

Will Nationwide’s motorcycle insurance pay for my medical bills?

Coverage for medical payments is a basic feature in Nationwide motorcycle insurance. Also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP), this coverage helps pay for medical costs resulting from an accident, no matter who is at fault.

Does Nationwide motorcycle insurance help with roadside emergencies?

Nationwide’s optional “Roadside Assistance” motorcycle coverage is touted as a 24/7 emergency lifeline for motorcyclists in need of a little fuel, a tire change, a jump-start, or even a tow.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a casual motorist or a dedicated collector, Nationwide offers a wide range of policies and discounts. While we might have liked a more straightforward quote process, there’s plenty this company has to offer. We recommend including it in your search as you begin gathering quotes for motorcycle insurance.

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