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New Music: Bottle Tree – “Another Other”…

Bottle Tree is the name of a new collaboration helmed by Aaron Michael Frison, aka Coultrain, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Lamar Gay, two Chicago underground staples wending their way through mutant funk, West African rhythms, and dense lyrical parables. They’re joined by drummer Tommaso Moretti, an Italian ex-pat with a superior sense of dynamics, for their International Anthem Recording Co. debut. It’s a fractured collection of jazz romps, driven by Frison’s near stream-of-consciousness incantations, and Moretti’s sputtering drumming–a pairing matched as well for rhythmic ESP as for outfield experimentation of their respective instruments. On “Another Other,” the trio takes yacht rock for a twisted spin around a hypercolor bay, where Frison has trouble deciding between the love and hate of someone who sees right through him. Listen to the track below:

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