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Optimizing Top Blog sites and RSS Feeds Webinar…

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RSS Feeds, or Really Simple Syndication, are the best way of capturing your audience. Why? Because they get your prospects to subscribe to your content willingly and with interest. In order to mine this rich pool of gold, you’ll need just a few things.
• Compelling websites (that’s right, I said websites plural),
• with multiple compelling features that we’ll be talking about,
• that are implemented correctly. If you have all this,
• you’ll get the goldmine. What we’re going to talk about today is how to mine the gold.
• 1. The Message Power of Blogs. Blogs are becoming the more popular means of communicating on the Internet. Why? Because of their very nature, they are meant to be subscribed to and read on a regular basis. Thus the search engines index them much more frequently.
• 2. Podcasting Delivery Methods. Many people are now choosing to include in their blogs podcasting, or the use of sound. This can be in the form of voice recording or even music with voice.
• 3. Video Tools For Multimedia Power. One of the more exciting aspects of blogging has been in addition of video. With video, not only do you get to speak your mind about a topic, but your audience can see and get a feel for your passion.
• 4. RSS Feeds to Tie it All Together. Once you have your blogs composed and posted, you’ll want to have your audience be able to subscribe to them. The more subscribers, the more impact you’ll have.


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