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December, 2020

  • 11 December

    Hey, Let’s Go Out! … Oh, Wait…


    Webby Podcast S7 EP9: Overwrite: How We Stay Healthy Live Event Listen to our Overwrite live virtual event, featuring conversations with Andy Slavitt, former Administrator of CMS under Obama, and Naj Austin, Founder And CEO, Somewhere Good and Ethel’s Club. December 8, 2020 Source link

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  • 10 December

    The 30 Best Albums of 2020…


    After a deluge of canceled or delayed tours, drive-in experiments, Bandcamp Fridays and bedroom livestreams, we’re finally here. Yay? It’s hard to celebrate much of anything in 2020. But one encouraging sign from the music industry has been the number of artists innovating on the fly — figuring out ways to sustain their careers through the madness. And as fans, ...

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  • 10 December

    The Cheapest Car Insurance in California…


    California is the sixth most expensive state for car insurance in the U.S., with an average annual premium of $611 for the state minimum coverage and $1,974 for full coverage. The cheapest car insurance company in California is CSAA, which comes under the state’s average at $524 per year. Your location, among other factors, will impact your insurance rates. In ...

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