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Samsung teases Feb. 20th unveiling of its next Galaxy smartphone…

  January 10th, 2019  By Philip Palermo

Samsung Galaxy S10

CES 2019 hasn’t really been a hotbed for major phone announcements for years, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from dropping a quick tease to announce its next flagship, the Galaxy S10, will be officially unveiled on Feb. 20th.

Traditionally, major smartphone lines like the iPhone and Galaxy S series get their own unveiling so they don’t compete for attention or headlines. Still, a quick mention here at CES makes sense since Samsung still has a considerable presence on the showfloor (it does make a lot of other products, after all).

It’ll be interesting to see where the company takes its top-of-line phones, and plenty of rumors have been swirling around already. However, concrete details weren’t part of the CES “save the date” announcement.

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