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The 2019 Webby Industry Index…

At The Webby Awards, we honor the best companies making work at the cutting edge of the digital world. Webby Winners represent the top performers across a wide range of fields and industries—from top tech companies, to production companies working with high-profile brands, to global agencies charting their own paths.

To showcase the companies creating the highest caliber of work across their industries, we’ve created the inaugural Webby Industry Index.* It’s a data-based project highlighting the companies with the most Webby-recognized projects across all categories in the 23rd Annual Webby Awards (2019). Companies are separated by their respective industries.

Chart Explainer: Each chart below showcases the wins/nominations/honors a company received.

Additional Note: We’ve highlighted one piece of work created by each of the Webby-honored organizations below, however to see the full breadth of their projects, check out all their work in Webby Winners Gallery.

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