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The Best Office Chair…

What makes an office chair worth nearly $1,000? Customization. We naturally move and change our sitting position throughout, and your chair should too. Chairs that confine us to one rigid or slouchy position lead to fatigue and frustration. The best office chair will shift and customize to fit both your physical shape and your changing postures, with a million different ways to sit in them.

The Steelcase Gesture checked all those boxes and looked good while doing it. It was the best at accommodating us when we rested back, leaned to the side, and perched forward. Our testers were instantly comfortable in the chair before even toggling the many adjustments. That’s all thanks to its flexible “LiveBack” design that conforms to your spinal curvature for consistent support. If you aren’t sure how you like to position your chair, the Gesture allows for lots of ways to figure that out. Each lever and knob is easy to find on the right side — we found the right fit quickly, without needing to reference the instruction booklet.

For sitters that crave a big chair with lots of back support, we recommend the Raynor Ergohuman. Its tall, mesh back and curved stainless steel spine may resemble a praying mantis, but its individual back plates provide the best back and neck support. The mesh material also made the chair feel more breathable — good for those of us who run warm. Changing seat depth was smooth too; this chair shifted with our subtlest natural movements.

If you’re looking for a step up from the typical office chair you have now, but want something more discreet, go with the Steelcase Leap. It’s unassuming but comfortable and customizable. It has all the other adjustments you could want, including a dial to increase and decrease lower back pressure — so you’re supported even while perched upright. Its only downside is that it doesn’t go very high. Our 5’7” testers were flat on their feet at its highest level, and taller testers disliked how much pressure that put on their feet.

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