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The Best Robot Vacuum…

We considered what we wanted from robovacs at every price bracket, and came up with some quality guidelines to assist our selections.

$150 – $299: A basic robovac should be able to remove dust and pet hair from a simple floor plan. And even if the bot sticks to basic technology, it should offer some programming enabling it to clean while you’re at work or asleep. It has to be trustworthy enough to go unchaperoned, capable of maneuvering typical obstacles, and smart enough to find its way back to the dock.
Best for: single-level homes, mostly hardwood floors, one or no pets.

$300 – $599: A great midrange robovac has all the essential features for reliable performance. Uniting superb ability with reasonable cost, bots in this bracket should work hard for your money. They should have longer battery life and be able to navigate around basic obstacles, even if they don’t do either of those things quite as well as the high-end models.
Best for: multi-level homes, thin carpet and rugs, multiple pets.

$600-plus: The superior robovac dazzles with features, but remains user-friendly and efficient. Top-of-the-line models need to be WiFi-enabled, boasting deep cleaning modes and intelligent navigation skills. This includes the ability to learn your home’s layout and modify cleaning patterns accordingly. They should also be powerful cleaners, picking up more hair, dust, and other debris than lower-end models.
Best for: multi-level homes, carpet and rugs, lots of flooring transitions, multiple pets.

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