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The Boys' Names Fashion Alphabet…

A is for Asher. Or is it Augustus? Ace? Axton?

Name fashion has many faces, and we’re going to show them to you from A to Z. We’ve selected four boys’ names starting with each letter of the alphabet to represent current American baby name style: two traditional, and two contemporary.

Traditional names build their impact off of deep roots and a sense of history, cultural connections, and continuity.

Contemporary names take their spark from a sense of freshness, creativity, and the opening of possibilities.

Within each of those broad categories we’ve chosen a name that’s in the fashion bullseye—a right-now stylish hit—and a rarer but fast-rising name that’s not “now,” but “next.”

The choices weren’t always straightforward. While they sound like opposites, traditional and contemporary styles can be tricky to separate. Take the case of another “A” name, Atlas. As the name of a Titan of Greek Mythology, Atlas is age-old. But as an English-language baby name, its current burst of popularity is unprecedented and a symbol of our modern age of bold baby naming.

In the end, we think our choices speak for themselves. If you read across, you’ll get a range of different options for your target initial. If you read down each column from A to Z, you’ll get a portrait of that specific quadrant of fashion. Together, they should give you a sense of where names are heading, and maybe help you find your own style sweet spot.

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 (a * indicates that no name fit the criteria)

Initial   Traditional Bullseye Traditional Upcoming Contemporary Bullseye Contemporary Upcoming
A Asher Augustus Ace Axton
B Bennett Bjorn Bryson Briar
C Clayton Callum Colt Cairo
D Dean Dario Daxton Denim
E Ezra Evander Easton Everhett
F Finn Forrest * Finnley
G Gideon Gray Greyson Gatlin
H Henry Hezekiah Hendrix Huxley
I Ian Ishmael Iker Izayah
J Jasper Jedidiah Jaxson Juelz
K Kai Kieran Kayden Kashton
L Lucas Linus Legend Ledger
M Mateo Magnus Maverick Maxton
N Nolan Nigel Nash Nova
O Oliver Otto Orion Osiris
P Porter Palmer Phoenix Presley
Q Quinton * * Quest
R Roman Raphael Ryker Ridge
S Sebastian Shepherd Sawyer Stetson
T Theodore Tadeo Tyson Titan
U Uriah Ulysses * *
V Vincent Von * Valor
W Wesley Wells Weston Wilder
X Xavier * Xander Xayden
Y * Yuri * Yadier
Z Zane Zev Zion Zakai


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