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The Webby Gallery + Index Intelligence Series…

About the Series:

The Webby Gallery + Index is a place to discover the best of the Internet and uncover trends, insights and talent that define the future of Internet excellence.  The credits for each piece of winning, nominated or honored work showcases the people and organizations that participated in the creation of the Webby-honored work. 

Title: Life by The Unicorn
Webby Winner for Best Art Direction
Client: Doctors Without Borders

The Unicorn, a Denmark-based creative agency worked with Doctors Without Borders to support the work they do in every corner of the world by telling the multifaceted stories of birth – the moments of joy and heartbreak. This endeavor took nearly 100 people from all over the world – Greece, Germany, USA, Denmark, South Africa, and Lebanon to create this beautiful film that won the 2020 Webby Award for Best Art Direction.