Three Favorite Uses for My Pocket Lite Beam Flashlight

download-10When a new product comes out, it’s always fun and interesting to see the many uses people find for it. More often than not, customers come up with ingenious ideas the manufacturers never considered. That’s the case with My Pocket Lite Beam, the sturdy, lightweight, LED flashlight that’s collecting rave reviews from delighted customers all over the country.

My Pocket Lite Beam – What It Has to Offer

This handy little flashlight is no ordinary torch. It uses three AAA batteries to power a very bright 5W LED bulb – but unlike so many other affordable flashlights, it doesn’t burn through batteries at the speed of light. That’s because it’s designed to balance the energy draw with the light output. In addition to being brighter than most other lights its size, My Pocket Lite Beam is made of aircraft grade aluminum, making it lightweight but sturdy. At just 5.25 inches in length, the flashlight is just the right size to fit in the palm of your hand, slide onto your belt with the built-in slide belt clip, or hang from your wrist from the attached lanyard wrist strap. The light adjusts with a simple turn from a wide-angle beam that illuminates a full room with the power of a table lamp to a laser-like beam that can pick out objects up to 3,000 feet away. It also has a strobe setting that’s ideal to summon help in an emergency or ensure that you’re seen on the side of the road. In addition to the belt clip and lanyard, the flashlight also ships with a universal bike mount so that you can attach the My Pocket Lite Beam to the handlebars of any bicycle for use as a bike headlight.

Three Favorite Unexpected Uses for the My Pocket Lite Beam

A quick scan through the Amazon product reviews for this handy little flashlight reveals several very clever uses. Here are some that really stand out.

Playing Flashlight Hide and Seek

Apparently, a lot of people play hide and seek in the dark – and this little flashlight is the perfect companion. In flashlight hide and seek, everyone hides in the dark, and one person – it – gets to use the flashlight to seek them out. The extra-wide beam makes it easy to search larger areas at a time, and the sturdy case ensures that it doesn’t break when the searcher inevitably drops it on a rock in the woods. It’s sturdy enough for parents to feel safe sending their kids out to use it, and affordable enough that they won’t freak out if the torch goes missing during the game.

Attic Light

Attics, closets, and other storage spaces aren’t often designed with light in mind, and there isn’t always a flashlight handy when you need to climb into the dark recesses after the holiday decorations – or try to pick out just the right blouse to wear with that skirt. One woman found that My Pocket Lite Beam was the perfect solution.  She simply hangs it on a hook just inside the closet door so it’s there when she needs it – and never has to worry about dead batteries, thanks to its efficient battery usage.

Work Flashlight

An apartment maintenance mechanic slips My Pocket Lite Beam onto his belt to carry with him on his rounds. It’s light weight and bright light makes it the perfect work companion, and much easier to handle than the bulky lamp provided by his employer. The wrist strap comes in extra handy – it’s saved him from dropping the handheld flashlight into wall cavities and such, a frequent hazard with other flashlights. His work crew was so impressed with it that they asked him to order several more for them.

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