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Three Reasons Why a Handheld Flashlight is Better Than a Flashlight App

unnamedSurely, you’ve seen them—flashlight apps are all the rage right now as millions of users across the world download the apps on their phones. On the surface, they’re handy. If you’re caught in a dark place, or just need a little extra light to complete a task, all you have to do is press a button on your phone and you’ll have instant light.

But that convenience comes at a price.

If you’re one of the millions who have downloaded one of the popular flashlight apps, here are three reasons why you might want to rethink your decision and instead use a small handheld flashlight instead.

Flashlight Apps May Put You at Risk for Identity Theft

In a report that shocked the world, it was recently revealed that the top ten flashlight apps widely available on stores like Google Play are actually malware that is designed to steal information on user’s phones. For instance, these apps work in the background and are spying on users when they conduct online banking, look at their contact list, or update their credit card accounts. A cybersecurity expert traced most of the malware apps back to China, India and Russia, and he determined that most of the stolen information is used for criminal activities. In other words, by using a flashlight app, you may put yourself at risk for identify theft, financial theft, or you may put your contacts at risk.

A much better choice is a handheld flashlight such as the My Pocket Litr Beam, which is small, super bright, and made of durable aluminum steel.

It’s Too Easy to Drop Your Phone

As if the risk of identity and financial theft isn’t enough, by using a flashlight app, you’ll also put your smartphone at risk because the increased risk of dropping it when performing a task that requires light. Most of the time, people use flashlight apps when they’re in the middle of a task, or when they’re walking in a dark place. And because you have to hold your phone in order to light up the area, you’ll be at an increased risk of tripping and dropping the phone because you’re trying to hold it while doing something else. A much better alternative is to use a handheld flashlight or torch that won’t put your smartphone at risk.

Flashlight Apps Use All Your Memory

Another risk you take when using a flashlight app instead of a small flashlight is that many of the apps partner with affiliates and, unknown to you, when you press a certain button or prompt, it automatically installs those affiliate programs. The flashlight app is paid for each install, so they make sure it’s easy for you to unknowingly install the extra programs. While it’s irritating enough to have unwanted programs installed on your phone, all the extra apps will also use all of your phones memory.

As you can see, there are many important reasons why you may want to use a flashlight instead of a flashlight app. But when searching for just the right one, be sure to make sure it’s made of a study material, has a 5W LED light, and has an adjustable beam flashlight that will allow you focus on just one thing, or light up an entire room.

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