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Top 10 most popular board games: March 2018…

Counting down the most popular board games each month to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Hopefully, March 2018’s list of the top 10 best board games helps you find some new board games you may not have known about!

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Games discussed this month include:

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is a one against many game, in which one player will select a villain, who will then face off against a team of heroes, over the course of multiple scenarios. But the villain is not alone. They have access to a team of henchmen at their disposal as well. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is being developed by Monolith, the same company that developed a game based on Conan The Barbarian a few years ago. The game-play in Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is based on that of Conan, but introduces revised character abilities, two new types of dice, and a new two-player Versus Mode.

In Stuffed Fables, players take on the roles of heroic stuffed animals, seeking to save the child they love from a scheming, evil mastermind. The game’s narrative is driven by the choices the players will make during the game. The chapters of Stuffed Fables explore the many milestones of a child’s life. And when I say chapters, I mean “chapters”. Stuffed Fables is the first in a series of what’s being called “Adventure Book” games, in which the action takes place in a storybook; which acts as the rules reference, story guide, and game board, all in one! Each adventure spans several pages of Adventure Book, which opens flat onto the table during the game. The desired result for this approach is a branching, overarching story that is accessible enough for young players, while still being rewarding enough for older ones.

Greater Than Games recently reached out and provided me with several interesting tidbits of trivia about Spirit Island’s design and development. Here’s a couple of them: “A fair number of people wonder what the Fear markers are supposed to represent. (Three common guesses being “a skull and crossbones”, “a panda”, and “a turtle”.) But if you take a look at the Spirit illustration for Bringer of Dreams & Nightmares and you may notice some similarity of shape. Additionally, many Spirits were playtested during the game’s development that never made it into the final publication, for one reason or another. However, there are still oblique references to a number of them in one of the Branch & Claw Scenarios.”

Rising Sun was a phenomenal success on Kickstarter, raising 4.2 million dollars. Even people who only back a couple Kickstarters a year backed it. Rising Sun is a spiritual successor in the same mythic big box series as Blood Rage: same designer, same artist, same studio and same sculptors. But, whereas Blood Rage could theoretically trace its ancestry all the back to a game like Risk, Rising Sun’s lineage would branch off, leading more towards a game like Diplomacy as its distant ancestor. In the game, players must master diplomatic negotiations, forming and breaking alliances, and warfare when the time comes. After funding on Kickstarter a year ago, Rising Sun’s time on our countdown has finally come.

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All the games in the March 2018 Top 10 board games countdown are:
10. Kingdom Death: Monster
9. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles
8. Stuffed Fables
7. Arkham Horror: The Card Game
6. Scythe
5. Gaia Project
4. Spirit Island
3. Terraforming Mars
2. Rising Sun
1. Gloomhaven


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