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Top 10 most popular board games: October 2017…

Counting down the most popular board games each month to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Hopefully, October 2017’s Top Ten Countdown helps you find the best board games for you!

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Games discussed in depth this month include:

Lisboa designed by Vital Lacerda at number ten. Lisboa is a game about the reconstruction of Lisboa after the great earthquake, and subsequent tsunami and fires, that it suffered in 1755. In the game, the players take on the role of nobles who have been assembled to influence the reconstruction and business development of the new city. Players work with the engineers and architects of Lisboa to build it anew. Lisboa features artwork by the talented artist Ian O’Toole, who’s work also adorns the game Nemo’s War, which recently reached number ten on the countdown.

Small World: Sky Islands introduces seven new races and powers to the Small World base game, but it also gives those races — and all the previously released races — new territory in which to fight for control. This expansion includes an additional game board that contains several Sky Islands on it. Then, several access points are added to the main board which connect it to the Sky Islands. Whenever a faction stands on one of the access points, they can try to conquer the Sky Island with the matching symbol. The Small World: Sky Islands expansion is currently scheduled for release in November.

Edging up a notch to spot number three this month is, once again, Terraforming Mars. This is likely helped by the fact that information about the game’s second expansion, Venus Next, has recently become available. This yet-unreleased expansion has players building flying cities and making the atmosphere more hospitable on the deadly planet Venus. This expansion adds around 50 project cards and 5 corporations, with a special focus on how to make Venus habitable. With the new floater resource, a new milestone, a new award, a new tag, and a new terraforming parameter, players will also have more paths to victory to choose from.

The 7th Continent was in development for nearly two years after its original KickStarter, but finally started shipping to its backers earlier this summer. Initial reports by players suggests that the game was certainly worth the wait. But, as with many Kickstarters, those who didn’t back it months and months ago when it was still an unknown game have been, unfortunately, unable to easily obtain a copy. Well, as of the time of this recording, a new Kickstarter is currently running for the second printing of 7th Continent. This Kickstarter runs through October 19th, 2017, and it’s not only an opportunity to score a copy of the second printing of the game, and all of the previous Kickstarter campaign’s stretch goals, but also new content in the form of the “What Goes Up, Must Come Down” add on, a “Satchel & Journal” binder, and even more stretch goals being unlocked. The estimated delivery date for the contents of THIS 7th Continent Kickstarter is March of 2018.

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All the game on this month’s Top 10 board games countdown are:
10. Lisboa
9. Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
8. Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition
7. Spirit Island
6. Scythe
5. Arkham Horror: The Card Game
4. Massive Darkness
(BONUS: Small World: Sky Islands)
3. Terraforming Mars
2. Gloomhaven
1. The 7th Continent


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