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Top 7 Reasons to Enter The Webby Awards…

1.  Have your work seen by the best. 
Webby Winners are selected by a community of artists, innovators, and creators spanning all facets of digital culture. When you enter The Webbys, your work is seen by our judging body, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). Judges include Shane Smith, Founder and CEO of Vice Media; Grantland’s Bill Simmons; Laura Ricciardi & Moira Demos, Producers/Writers/Directors of Making a Murderer; and Eva Chen, Head of Fashion Partnerships, Instagram. Plus, ad world superstars Colleen DeCourcy, Global Co-Executive Creative Director of Wieden & Kennedy; and Sérgio Gordilho, Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Africa Agency.

2.  Be amongst your peers, in all areas of the Internet. 
The Webbys is the only awards organization in the online world that recognizes the entire breadth of the Internet. Whether you run a global lifestyle website or an adorable Snapchat account for your cat, as the Internet grows, so does the incredible amount of technology, content, and experiences that deserve to be honored. We celebrate all outstanding digital work across Websites, Film & Video, Advertising, Media & PR, Mobile Sites & Apps, Social and Podcasts & Digital Audio.

3.  Make yourself a household name. 
Last year’s Webbys generated over 3.8 billion media impressions globally — that’s a lot of buzz. The kind of attention that comes with winning a Webby also wins new clients, bolsters start-ups, and makes people aware of your great work. Be part of it.

4.  Let the world vote on your work.
In the spirit of the open Web, all Webby Nominees also compete for public votes in The Webby People’s Voice Awards. People’s Voice generated 10 million page views and nearly 3 million votes last year alone! What better way to expose your great work to the world?

5.  Mark your spot in history.
We’ve been honoring the very best of the Internet since 1997. Our Winners range from iconic early Web throwbacks, to recent viral sensations, to powerhouse digital icons that have withstood it all. Claim your place along side past winners like Google, National Corndog Day, The New Yorker, Twitter, Goats of Anarchy, VICE, and more. Help us continue celebrating the most innovative, creative, and transformative work that shapes the online zeitgeist.

6.  Give a signature 5-Word Speech. 
Not only do Webby Winners get to celebrate their victory at the Internet’s biggest party in New York City, they get to immortalize it with a 5-word acceptance speech. Five words might not seem like a lot, but Webby Awards clips have received over 10 million views on YouTube. And we think Kevin Spacey said it best.

7.  You’ve got to enter to win. 
Your great work can’t be celebrated if our Academy doesn’t even see it. The Extended Entry Deadline for The 21st Annual Webbys is January 27, 2016. Submit your work today!

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