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Xfinity Home Security Review

The blue ADT sign has dominated front lawns for years. Lately, you may have seen a different sign frequently popping up— a red sign for Xfinity Home Security. Created by Comcast in 2011, Xfinity Home Security combines a focus on high-tech home automation — live video, sensors, comfort controls — with solid security monitoring. Xfinity outsources monitoring to COPS Monitoring, a wholesale professional monitoring company.

The best reason to get Xfinity Home Security is because you are already a Comcast customer, but you needn’t be to get their home security. While easy bundling goes a long way to rationalize Xfinity’s popularity, Xfinity also offers extensive integration capabilities that other, highly similar home security systems don’t. It syncs with existing Xfinity accounts and controls, plus accommodates the tech of 10 partner brands for lighting, heating, garage doors, and so forth.

Opting for Xfinity Home Security can bring all your telecom and home automation needs under one roof, but their security services also open you up to experimenting with a range of smart home devices.

The Claim

Xfinity Home Security calls itself “a total home security solution” with professional servicing and exceptional home automation possibilities.

Is it true?

Yes — Xfinity can back up the promise of being a complete solution. Its buildable home system offers equally strong capabilities for both security and automation. The seamless experience of having your entertainment, security, and automation needs met by one company is mirrored in the delightful simplicity of integrated controls. Through the Xfinity Home app you can adjust the lights, monitor security footage, and turn up the heat before you get home. These automation abilities are made possible through partner devices like Nest thermostats or GE lighting. And while the extensive options for add-on equipment offer all the conveniences of a modern smart home, you can go basic with Xfinity’s starter equipment — just sensors and a control center.

Product Overview

Best for

Those who place a premium on integrating home security with home automation and are interested in building out a complete smart home system with compatible devices.

Not for

Those who are interested in DIY installation or monitoring.


$29.99 per month for year one, $39.99 per month for year two
States served
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Professional monitoring
Home automation
Installation fee
Video recording cost per camera
Termination fee
Two-year contract

Buildable equipment

While you have a wide range of bundling options with Xfinity Home Security, there is just a single equipment package. The starter set includes three door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a touchscreen controller, and a wireless keypad. To this basic set-up, you can add smoke detectors, further sensors, and cameras, not to mention automated comfort devices like a smart thermostat. This flexible approach lets you pick and choose the devices you want. Already have a couple devices laying around? Xfinity can also integrate existing equipment.

Personalized automation

Set automation rules to create a home environment that feels both safer and more welcoming. For example, set the living room lights to flip on when the door opens. You get the comfort of instant illumination — and anyone else will get the impression that their entrance has been noted.

Remote control

If you go through Comcast for your TV and internet, adding Xfinity Home Security will reward you with more than a convenient bundle. You’ll also have the unique convenience of being able to control your home security devices with your television remote. Rather than have your home security system become yet another ecosystem of devices and commands in your home, it melds seamlessly into your existing home tech.

A Breakdown of Xfinity Home Security Options

Home Secure Package
Optional devices
Door/ window sensors
Caseta Wireless
Phillips Hue
Motion sensor
Door Lock:
Touchscreen controller
Garage door opener:
Wireless keypad
Cor Thermostat


Possible Drawbacks

Two-year commitment

The pricing structure of Xfinity Home Security takes after its telecom parent in more ways than one. Much like Comcast’s cable service, with their home security you’ll get a low rate for the first year. But you have to commit to two years of service at the outset, and during the second year your price will go up by $10-$15 per month just with the basic system.

Still, paying $40 per month for total home security and automation isn’t unreasonable. Plus, there’s always the possibility of adjusting your bundling (or threatening to cancel) to get a better deal. Word to the wise: Don’t cancel unless absolutely necessary. They will slap you with a hefty termination fee. The exact fee amount depends on your service tier and the remaining time in your contract, but if you have a basic two-year contract and try to get out a year early, you’re looking at a $500 fee.

Availability limited to Comcast service areas

You don’t have to use Xfinity’s other services in order to get their home security, but you do need to be in Comcast’s service area. Xfinity Home Security is available wherever Xfinity offers broadband: currently 40 states (including Washington D.C.).

Low customer satisfaction

According to J.D. Power’s 2018 customer satisfaction survey, Xfinity falls below the industry average. Whereas Brinks Home Security garnered five out of five power circles (J.D. Power’s proprietary ranking scheme) and ADT and Vivint both got four out of five, Xfinity only claimed two. The origin of customer dissatisfaction may be the number of surprise fees, like paying around $100 for installation and several hundred for cancellation, as well as the expense of shopping for a la carte devices. There’s also the additional monthly bills that aren’t accounted for in Xfinity Home Security’s advertising: If you want your security videos to be able to record, rewind, and review up to ten days of footage, you’ll have to pay $10 per month per camera.

The Competition

Xfinity Home Security
Starting price
Package options
App Store rating
Contract length
24 months
36 months
Monthly, 60 months
In business since
30 days
90 days
120 days or Lifetime

Xfinity vs. ADT

Perhaps the two most commonly seen yard signs are pretty comparable when it comes to pricing, installation, and monitoring. But the long-standing ADT may be a better option for you if you aren’t interested in doing the research and experimentation to arrive at your perfectly tailored set of devices. While Xfinity offers a single plan, then a range of choose-your-own-adventure add-ons, ADT gives you five already fleshed-out plan options. You can shop based on your preferred security style — from basic to extensive — and the price you’re willing to pay. This method also puts you in a better position to understand your final costs, whereas picking out security devices one by one can add up quickly, with lingering side effects on your monthly bill. For example, when you choose to record video with Xfinity, the additional price is levied per camera.

Xfinity vs. Vivint

Vivint wears the crown for top-of-the-line home security automation, but with Xfinity’s in-house line-up — plus extensive partner brands — the Comcast offshoot gives Vivint a run for its money. If you are keen on outfitting your home with smart tech, both companies deserve consideration. The longer warranty with Vivint could give you more peace of mind, as does the possibility of paying month-to-month rather than signing up for a multi-year contract with Xfinity. On the other hand, you could save some money with Xfinity thanks to their first-year promotional rate, plus the opportunity to bundle if you go through Xfinity for TV or internet.

Xfinity Home Security FAQ

Is Xfinity Home Security reliable?

In recent years there have been accounts of Xfinity Home Security’s vulnerability to hacking (thieves can jam the signals that tell a security system that the doors and windows aren’t closed), but Comcast has worked to address those concerns. At CES 2019, Comcast unveiled a new digital security service that protects home networks. Security for your home security. If you’re concerned about the status of your security devices, you can sign up for Xfinity XFi Advanced Security and its watchful cyber eye will ensure the viability of your whole security system.

What is Xfinity Home Security?

Like many other big cable corporations, Comcast broached home security in order to offer customers another broadband-dependent service that could be easily bundled with TV and internet. The Comcast telecom empire entered the home security space in 2011. When they followed up with entering the home automation space in 2013, they did so without initially trying to integrate the two home tech categories. This provides an interesting insight into the home automation focus of Xfinity Home Security — its impressive home automation abilities outpace the plain and simple security options that the service leads with.

How much does Xfinity Home Security cost?

Xfinity’s basic home security plan — Xfinity Home Secure — costs $40 per month. There are frequently specials going on that reduce your first year’s rate to $30 per month or as low as $25. Whatever deal you get for the first 12 months, remember that your rate will increase during year two, and you’ll be around to pay it — or you’ll pay a pretty penny to break your contract. If you bundle home security with internet, you’re looking at an intro rate of $70 per month. Internet, TV, and security? An intro rate of $110. Bundling options go all the way up to the X1 Premier Quad Play with super fast internet, nearly 300 channels, and a phone line for about $200 per month.

The Bottom Line

Xfinity is a solid home security option that best serves existing Comcast customers. That’s because the convenience of bundling and using a wholly integrated home system is more impressive than Xfinity’s pricing or in-house devices. To be even more specific, Xfinity Home Security is best for Comcast customers who are keen on building out a smart home. The extensive third-party compatibility — not to mention the ability to create automation rules as easily as you’d fill out a Mad Lib — trump the basic sensor line-up that Xfinity offers for plain home security.

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