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Zombies II: The Zombie Girls Rise…

You thought they were dead and buried. But now, they walk among us again! And they’re all…girls’ names.

“Zombie names” are baby names that once fell so far out of style they became virtually extinct. Previously common, they disappeared from America’s top-1000 name lists for more than a generation. They then found themselves revived by contemporary parents on the hunt for fresh ideas.

Unlike ordinary zombies, with their ragged outfits and alarming complexions, baby name zombies are fashion-forward. They’re at the extreme end of throwback style, balancing the warmth and familiarity of traditional names with an edge of surprise, and even daring.

Our original zombie name list struck a chord with many parents. Names like Clementine and Magnolia, Theo and Mathias made one reader say, “I had no idea my style was ‘zombie’!” Now, three years later, I’ve scanned the stats for newly reanimated names, and found that they’re all on the girls’ side.

Blame the gender skew on the parents of past generations. A century ago, parents were conservative in naming their sons. Classic English kingly names still dominated, even as trendy hits rose and fell for girls. That means there just aren’t many dormant, suspended-in-time boys’ names available to revive.

For some near-zombie-style ideas for both sexes, you can check out our lists of rare old-fashioned names and overlooked timeless names. And for the real reanimated deal, here are the new zombie names for girls.


Name   Departed   Reanimated   Current Rank   Years Gone
Florence    1981   2017   980   36
Frankie   1974   2015   844   41
Zelda   1967   2015   649   48
Mavis   1963   2016   806   53
Veda   1960   2015   864   55
Opal   1960   2017   859   57
Ophelia   1958   2015   416   57
Winnie   1957   2017   1000   60
Luella   1955   2017   905   62
Vada   1946   2016   978   70
Emmie   1935   2016   690   81
Belle   1934   2016   808   82
Adaline   1924   2015   180   91


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