Everything We Learned at Day Two of CES 2019…

Everything We Learned at Day Two of CES 2019

With day one’s press conferences out of the way, today was each company’s chance to finally show off all their latest technology. As the floor officially opened to the public, we saw refrigerators that use AI, a real-time language translator, and more TVs than we had time to gawk at. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite stories from day two:

Samsung Introduces All New Family Board For Its Refrigerator
Of all the shiny new toys at CES, we were a little surprised at how impressed we were by a refrigerator. Samsung’s next generation of its Family Hub refrigerator lets you order groceries, add to your shopping list, and it’ll even tell you when the milk’s expired. Looks like it’s time for us to update our refrigerator review.

Has the internet been good for society?
This fascinating discussion called “Tech and Techlash in the 21st Century” focused on this single question. It turns out only 70% of Americans answered think it has been — down 6% since 2014. The panel included representatives from Google, R Street Institute, and the Consumer Technology Association, who all agreed that, yes, tech is generally good for us. However, they were more divided when it came to regulation online.
Techlash, Privacy, and Policy in the 21st Century

LG Showcases New 88-inch 8K OLED TV
Thought-provoking discussions are great, but we still like to see some gigantic TVs at CES, too. LG stole the show today with its 88-inch 8K OLED TV. With more than 33 million individual light-emitting pixels, this TV was as awesome as it sounds. Unfortunately, it won’t be released until the second half of 2019. If you can’t wait, LG’s other OLED model nabbed the top spot in our 4K TV review. (It’s still plenty awesome, we promise.)
LG Showcases Its Impressive 88-inch OLED TV

5G and Autonomous Vehicles
Today’s panel “5G and Self-Driving Vehicles: A Policy Roadmap” looked at the opportunities, challenges, and considerations for ushering in the next generation of connected tech. We learned that self-driving cars are a lot closer than you might think — Waymo already has them on the road in some places — and that we should be thinking of 5G technology as more of an industrial revolution than something that will let us send gifs faster.

Google Debuts Interpreter Mode
The latest feature from Google, Interpreter Mode lets you have a real-time conversation with someone speaking a different language. The device still takes a couple seconds to translate each person’s sentence, but we were blown away by its potential. The feature starts rolling out today on all Google Home devices and smart displays, complete with up to 27 different languages.
Google Makes the World a Smaller Place with Interpreter Mode

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