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Q) What do you use to record with?
A) Bandicam

Q) How did you make your intro?
A) Very complicated process LOL.

Q) Will you do a FaceReveal?
A) Most Likely Not.

Q) Can you friend me?
A) No sorry, its like every youtuber always says . “Roblox only allows you to add 200 people” It’s just not fair. However you guys can follow me.

Q) Can I have a subscriber Tour?
A) Off Course! Send me pics of your home on twitter in DM and we can make arrangements! (I only do certain tours)

Q) Can you Donate me some money?
A) Sorry, I can’t with all the projects I have planned its just to much. However, giveaways will be coming soon!

Q) Can we role-play together?
A) No sorry, if i role-play with certain people others will feel left out and i don’t want that to happen.

Q) Why can’t i join your game?
A) When you cant join my game its because i turned my join off to film an important video. My join will be turned back on once I’m done.

Q) How can i be in one of your videos?
A) There is not an exact answer for this question. When I’m in game i am not always filming. I guess just be lucky!

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